Hi, I'm the Once-ler~



Apr 8

okay where did you get those bunny pyjamas? because i swear to god they look comfy as hell and my house is freezing....

My mom gave them to me. They are very comfy.

Apr 8

I know it seems weird but without that you can't really play this thing. Just let me know when you're done.

I think it’s ready..?

Apr 7

Cool. While I get this thing together why don't you put this in your mouth? // hands him a reed // I would do it but I don't want to accidently get you sick or something. // starts to put the saxophone together //

*he stares blankly at the small wooden thing*..Okay? 


Apr 7

Awesome. Which one do you want to learn : alto, tenor or bari ?


Apr 7

I could teach you to play the saxophone. //smiles//

That’d be great!

Apr 7

-smiles- Umm what kind of music do you like?

Hmm. Lots of music. I do enjoy creating my own songs though.

Apr 7

Which instruments? I know how to play a few. Not very well, but I know how. // laughs //

I really wish I could play saxophone, or maybe ukulele. 

Apr 7

Oh, uh, hello! // smiles // Is the guitar the only instrument you play?

*smiles* Well if you don’t count singing, then yes. But I’d love to learn other ones!


Apr 7

Yeah. Thanks, pal! *awkward smile*

*smiles back, unaware of any awkwardness* Psh, and the Lorax says I’m bad at making friends.